SAIB per un mondo sostenibile

In SAIB sostenibilità e rigenerazione sono concetti concreti. L’azienda piacentina, leader nella produzione di pannelli RPB Regenerated Particle Board, intraprende con Mathera un passo in avanti verso nuovi ambiti di indagine, indirizzando il proprio know-how e la propria visione imprenditoriale verso scenari futuri.

SAIB for a Sustainable World

At SAIB, sustainability and regeneration are concrete concepts, implemented through a practice developed over decades and pursued with tangible goals. Supporting a creative design vocabulary inspired by upcycling, the Piacenza-based company, a leader in the production of RPB Regenerated Particle Board panels, takes a step towards new areas of investigation with Mathera, directing its expertise and entrepreneurial vision towards future scenarios.

SAIB, after having focused on the circular economy and Rewood, a production process based on the recovery of waste wood, expands its range of activity to high-quality product design.

As a member of ADI since 2020, SAIB presents Mathera, confirming its vocation to promote projects and products fusing aesthetics, technology and reuse in the name of innovation.

Mathera inaugurates a new technologically advanced panel, which marks a decisive evolution compared to traditional materials thanks to its significantly lower weight notably simplifying transportation and installation operations, and the ability to be 100% regenerated at the end of its lifecycle.

The starting point is always the recovery of wood at the end of its lifecycle: reduced to particles, recomposed through binders and additives, and subsequently pressed at high temperatures, it becomes a recycled and recyclable support for the new product, whose unique surface finish is created with the application of powders obtained through recovery processes that create a high performance material.

Mathera cela una duplice anima fatta di estetica e resilienza: esteriormente rievoca texture e sfumature cromatiche ispirate agli elementi primari dei paesaggi naturali, mentre la sua intima essenza tecnologica assicura prestazioni d’uso di alto livello e ampia versatilità di impiego nel campo dell’interior.

Le miscele di polveri alla base dell’impasto che costituisce il rivestimento dei pannelli Mathera attribuiscono alle superfici proprietà antigraffio, antiurto e antimacchia, concentrando in uno spessore minimo un elevato grado di resistenza.

Mathera conceals a dual spirit built on aesthetics and resilience: externally it evokes textures and chromatic nuances inspired by the primary elements of natural landscapes, while its intimate technological essence ensures elevated performance and a wide versatility of use in the field of interior design.

The powder blends at the base of the mixture composing the coating of Mathera panels make the surfaces scratch, shock and stain resistant, concentrating an elevated degree of resistance in a minimal thickness.